Monday, January 26, 2009

The Nature of Life

The one thing that is a constant in life is change. It is the nature of things. Winter becomes Fall. Spring becomes Summer but despite the recurrence of seasons, nothing remains the way it used to be. Just like the seasons, we also change and because we are all individuals with different though patterns, sometimes the change we incur takes us in different directions.

“Sooner or Later it all comes crashing down”- N.e.r.d

Some of us become fixated on what used to be remaining attached to what was, denying what is, disregarding what’s to become. We become angry or sad over losing someone we love. The experience leaves us feeling bewildered and sad...yet we don’t know, do we?

Don’t blame yourself.. (easier said than done cause I know)
Realize that what occurred is the best possible thing that could happen to you. For out of this can only come a lesson to make you a better person.

“ What doesn’t kill a person can only make them stronger, but if it drives them to kill themselves, then they weren’t strong all along”

The Universe (God) knows tomorrow
You only know today
So take all that you’re going thru, all the hurt, all the pain, and all the disappointment, release it, and move on…….
and when you become stronger,
you'll look back at it and laugh about it.....
A cosmic joke indeed

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Eulogy: I am the Sun

What becomes of us when there becomes an end? What do we leave behind when our spirits ascend?

The great Jay-Z once said,

“Aint in it for the fame, that dies within weeks
Aint in it for the money, can’t take it when you leave
I wanna be remembered long after you grieve, long
After I’m gone, long after I breathe,
I leave all I am in the hands of history"

I thought for a long time what would be my exit song. The song that commemorates my existence on earth. A lasting impression. A Distant Memory. An exclamation. A message to all to remember who I was. The history I made. The people I saved. The lives I touched and changed.

This wouldn’t be sadness but joy. The joy in knowing that I took part in something beautiful. Life. What I was and still will continue to be. Life is energy and energy never dies nor is it destroyed. It just changes form. I will live on thru my spirit, through my music, through my legacy.
I am not this shell. I am not this face nor this body. I am energy
(soul) that occupies a vessel (body). I am one part of a vast whole (the universe).

And when I ascend, I become a part of the sun, so that I may forever shine on everyone that I leave behind…..

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Electric Therapy

Everyone has a favorite song that gets them through their day. While it’s mostly the message found within, its also the emotion that’s felt upon listening and relating to what the artist is saying

The 10 most important songs to me this very moment ( lately I’ve been listening to a lot of rock)

1.) Jet-Shine On- This song makes me think of what I would play at my funeral. It wouldn’t be a moment of sadness but a declaration that I will shine on for everyone that I leave behind. until we meet again…..
2.) Lenny Kravitz- This moment is all there is- If Buddha was a rock star, he most definitely would’ve been Lenny Kravitz. Lenny Kravitz has that ability to touch you with deeply spiritual lyrics infused with timeless melodies. One of the greatest. Bar None
3.) N*E*R*D- Love Bomb- The world doesn’t need another love song. What the world needs is another love bomb to blow all the hatred and injustice that plagues it away………..
4.) Aerosmith- Dream On- What can I Say about this song that the title doesn’t already summarize. Sing with me, sing for the year, sing for the laughter, sing for the tear……….you know the rest
5.) Linkin Park- Leave out all the rest- This song has a similar message to Jet’s shine on. It’s like telling someone that when you’re time comes, and you’re gone……just keep with them the cherished memories and Leave out all the rest.
6.) N*E*R*D-Sooner or later- This is another one of my favorite N.e.r.d songs. Every morning I play this song to remind myself that the past is over and for me to just leave it where it belongs…..behind me.
7.) Rage against the machine-Bombtrack-This is the track I play when I have so much frustration inside and I just want to release it in a positive manner. Rage is one of the reasons why I love Rock music so much.
8.) Pendulum-Granite- This song starts off like its going to be a dope theme song to a horror film, but then before you know it the song strats spazzing out and I start spazzing too! Lmoa! I would love to see this group perform this song live. Can you say insane cause that's what it would be.
9.) X-ecutioners/Black Thought- Executioner Style- Black Thought got it in on this one. The combination of his lyrical grittiness and the X-ecutioners "cuts and blends" made this a great mash up and by the way it was on linkin park's reanimation album.
10.)X-ecutioners feat Mike Shinoda(of Linkin Park)-It's going Down- This song is similar to the one above but instead of Black Thought blessing the mic, it was Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda who went in equally as hard.....

Monday, January 5, 2009

The Perfect Imperfection

The perfect imperfection

The media has implanted misconceptions in our head about what "beauty" is. Despite us all being imperfect in some way, some of us tend to look down on ourselves because we don't fit the description of what society deems beautiful.
We seem to be most impressed with what's on the outside overlooking the fact that on the inside is who we really are. We are all one in the same which means that when you strip away any outer physical appearance or shell, you get the bare us....the true us.

The soul.

We are made of energy. The energy that makes up the vast universe. The energy that originates from a higher energy source (God). This is what’s meant by we are the same. I know that it can take time to overturn the abuse and pain we’ve done to ourselves (I know, I struggle with these things as well) but everyday should be a day where you look yourself in the mirror and smile because you are in fact a beautiful creation and whether you like or dislike certain things about your physical self, you must realize that it’s only a shell, whose purpose is to shelter the very essence of who you are……

Some call it the soul
Others call it the Psyche.....

I call it you, and there's nothing else like it.