Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Beauty Within

"You once was unpopular and nerdy but as your outside developed into a beautiful shell, your EGO grew as well and now to outshine those who once ridiculed you, you realize you became one of THEM and lost the beauty of YOU."-(Self)

I used to want people to like me, but now I realize that I am a beautiful anomaly. As much as I reject conformity, I admit that sometimes I just want people to care, to understand who I am on the inside. I want them to see how beautiful I am yet somehow they always overlook it....

One day they will get it... hopefully it wont be too late

Pendulum 'Witchcraft'

This song inspires me........

The Astral Plane

To fly away where peace resides;
where I no longer have to battle with pride
To venture beyond; where the light is seen
To disembody to the state of dreams.

I want to go where you are.....

Take me

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Prodigy - Voodoo People (Pendulum Remix)

I love this record... perhaps I will used it for my upcoming mixtape.....

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Universal Law Theory

I'm no longer going to say belief/ believe unless it's something I personally experienced with the 5 senses and not with just the mind, imagination, etc

I have a theory that somehow our lives, circumstances, etc are an effect of causes resulting from universal laws..If we take for example the idea of God as a loving and kind creator, then a situation where a baby is born for a few hours only to die would make us question how kind he is.. I'm saying he because this is the most AGREEABLE description of how people see GOD. There are a lot of things that occur in the world that make you question both the logic and reasoning behind this God.. Here are a few examples:

• Famine, poverty, war, violence
• babies born with malfunctions, diseases, etc

These are just a couple points, now to get to my point of explaining this.. I stated above that I have a theory that our lives, circumstances, etc are effects of causes due to universal laws.. If you think about this, a person that may be BORN to certain conditions just may be reaping the cause of previous bad karma... This could be a strong case.... Why else would a loving god create you to be born unto conditions in which you suffer,  die young, born with a disease ,  etc.. People say this is his will or way and that there is a purpose behind it but ask yourself, DOES THIS REALLY MAKE SENSE?

Why is it that some people are born to favorable conditions or environments? If this is our ONLY life that we will ever live, then what did some people do to GOD to be born into misfortune that they NEVER had control of to begin with.. (this seems rather cruel don't you think)

My theory is that karma is the law that allows us to evolve.. Karma is based upon action and thought, cause and effect..which may in fact propose the possibility that WE ARE IN FACT THE SOLE MASTERS OF OUR LIVES OR IN CONTROL OF ALL THE CIRCUMSTANCES WE CREATE FOR OURSELVES IN THIS LIFE OR THE NEXT..whether we'll be reborn into earth or another realm (heavenly or hell) is yet to be determined..