Sunday, June 13, 2010

Jeremy Enigk - "Mind Idea" OFFICIAL VIDEO

Her Fight

She lies awake yet finds herself still sleeping; dreaming of moments where there lies no grieving.
Happiness is what she searches for, still unsure whether time will be her ally or enemy...
She wishes he could be there; that he would care like he once did in the beginning....but even joyful moments change and have their ending.

She fights with love
She fights with hope, or the lack thereof.
She fights with understanding, demanding
that one day things will be clear....and when that day arrives, she will come to know that it was I who was always here.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Vipassana Meditation Camp

These are a few pictures from the vipassana meditation camp I attended. Despite talking to these gentlemen for only a day, it felt like we've known one another for years. These are truly good people with good hearts.. May they all experience real joy. Real Peace. Real Happiness. :)
This book is a must read for those who wish to understand this phenomenon we call love. It contains so much wisdom and gives the reader a more deeper understanding of what is and what isn't love.. I definitely recommend this book to anyone whether you're single or in a relationship.. Trust me. Its contents with enrich your life. :)

Cee-Lo Green -- I Want You (Radio Rip) NEW

I love this song. I love the honesty and passion in cee-lo's lyrics.. this song was produced by jack Splash who by the way if you haven't heard of him is a dope producer... enjoy.. I dedicate this song to my distant friend.. :)