Wednesday, May 27, 2009

In Wonderland

I’ve come to a point in my life where I question everything that was either bestowed upon, taught, or told to me. Am I spiritual? Am I antheist? Am I agnostic? The truth is I don’t even know who I am. I only know that I am a product of other people’s opinions, lessons, words, and thoughts… This doesn’t make me………..ME…..
Am I an individual??
or am I a robot that has been programmed with useless software intended to keep me under control??

I realize that to believe in something means to experience it…. (or at least it should be this way)

I know what love is……
I know what happiness is as well…..

But how do I explain these things to someone who havent experienced this or has a different experience from what I’m explaining????

There are so many lies…….from history to religion to media to government……
What’s left to believe in??

Is faith and hope just meant to keep us afloat??

No two people see the world the same way
But the way I see it, there isnt MUCH love…….
There isnt MUCH peace……
There isnt MUCH happiness………

It just doesn’t make sense……..

It truly feels like we’re just a part of some game/experiment to prove what????

Although I feel lost, I’m thirsty for the truth

Which leaves me to ask:
What is the truth if the truth I thought was the truth was really in truth a lie??


Jillian said...

i think however in they say perception is reality...yes everyone sees life through their own looking glass...but some would rather see life how they want to then to continue looking for the "right" view...because well, what is the "right" view of life?

one thing i admire about these people who are considered their passion, i don't agree with their views, but to have such a STRONG belief in something that you know with every ounce of your being that that is the truth, that committment has got to be quite fufilling.

life is always going to be full of questions...reality is you can question can question every question's question and so on and so forth...healthy questioning of life is good, means you are self-aware, looking for growth...but don't get so caught up in the questions that you don't find something to enjoy in life.. :)

Always love your thought provoking posts (when I check hehehehe)
Hope you are having a great week!

Dr. Robotnic said...

hmm...i think that in a way we all are sorta like robots and that we're programmed 2 believe wat the world teaches us and tells us is truth. but @ a certain point ur kinda...unplugged 4 a moment and u 2nd guess everything. THATS ur chance 2 decide wat U think is rite and believe wat u want. were taught that if it goes against the grain that its wrong and rebelious. i think ur @ that point where ur starting 2 develop ur own program and deleting what u dont want and uploading ur "NEW MIND", cuz im def @ the same place in life.

Anonymous said...

Great points! I've come to these realizations over and over again. We're all in search for our truth and I believe it comes through exploration.

БОЦЦ said...

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