Tuesday, October 21, 2008


"If we're ever going to become better people, we have to put our ego's to the side and our hearts to the forefront" -unknown

what is it about man's desire for the top position: To strive for greatness is essential but to strive to obtain the top spot is idiotic. What comes from from being #1. The scrutiny. The pressure. The stress of maintaining a spot that's not meant to be held onto. Being #1 is temperal, someone will always be willing to take over your position. Once you obtain it, you would then have to guard it with your life. What kind of fulfillment can you really get out of being at the top alone other than the stroking of the ego?

Let's stop playing king/queen of the hill and help others share the mountain.


old school diva said...

In spite of or despite of the fact that it's so much harder to retain that top position once you've achieved it, most people still want it. It's what's been instilled in us since birth. All that I can say is be patient and tolerant of those that have not yet been enlightend. I agree with what you're saying, but it's going to take some of us just as much time to declutter or deprogram our brains to think any other way. Why can't we just be content or even happy with just "being" that's the million dollar question. I look forward to exploring my options with you and finding out how one can go about changing our false identities. You're making a great start just by informing people and putting the
message out there. Good Luck.

Mikey McFly™ said...

great words