Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Is it a mystery at all this thing called love?

I've learned that love has no opposites..

Love isn't loving someone one moment and hating them the next. In order for a relationship to be harmonious, both parties would have to destroy their egos. All attachments to the ego would have to cease but what does it mean to love without attachment?
Are we able to love with the understanding that this isn't forever?
We don't always know the nature of others and their purpose of coming into our lives..
We can only appreciate and nurture one another while we're here...I know nothing last forever but at least while we're here you can do great things together..
If I met someone wonderful, is it a bad thing that this person makes me happy when happiness is based on external conditions that inevitably will change? What if it's joy that I feel...?
I'm still learning what love is as well as what love isn't..
It isn't jealousy, conflict, or strife.. It isn't dillusion...but love is harmony.. Love is positive energy emanating from both parties is gratitude for the person you love,their flaws as well as their strengths.
A person's strengths will bring you light while a person's flaws will help strengthen you, for what you see in another as a flaw is something you should examine within yourself....

The more I learn about myself and love, the more interesting this journey called life becomes..........

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truth happens to individuals, not to crowds. -Osho said...

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