Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Cosmic Joke

"Its funny how in this world we can unite in the name of music but segregate in the name of god.."

       This world is made of many souls which form the collective reality..... Is this collective reality a manifestation of our thoughts or of an intelligent architect who is the director behind our every thought, emotion, and action, all which can be classified as either wholesome or unwholesome, good or bad, wise or unwise...
I ask myself all the time. Am I slave with no control who serves a master intent on punishing me if I do not carry out his orders? Orders that are supposedly pre destined for me to perform anyway?
I wonder if a creator god truly exists or did mankind himself create qualities to describe an entity that he himself felt inferior to. This world has become the great paradox.. a cosmic joke with god being the comedian...

Wars have been fought in the name of religion and god.. Countless humans slain all in the name of upholding who/what man considers to be god. The god that many worship is the reflection of the humans he created... A jealous person capable of destruction but also capable of creation. We call ourselves human yet we're limited to this state of existence we call the physical plane unable to transcend space and time to understand that which we call god or a state of spiritual transcendence.

I do not have the answers but I learned that what doesn't makes sense should be re-examined. If it becomes that we hurt, harm, or destroy others in the name of god......then we're leading ourselves further from the truth....

''You must unlearn what you have learned.''- Yoda

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Miss Caramell said...

Okey, let me drop some love here. Ive been around your blog for the last weeks, and your thoughts, emotions, wisodme is nothing else but AMAZING. You make me grow spiritually, so I want to thank you for that. I LOVE your ability to enlight and to make the way eaven clearer and more beautiful, So from the bottom of my heart thank you. Keep up, Enlight us brother!

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1. What is the so called ' The anaphene project'?
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