Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Cosmic Joke

"Its funny how in this world we can unite in the name of music but segregate in the name of god.."

       This world is made of many souls which form the collective reality..... Is this collective reality a manifestation of our thoughts or of an intelligent architect who is the director behind our every thought, emotion, and action, all which can be classified as either wholesome or unwholesome, good or bad, wise or unwise...
I ask myself all the time. Am I slave with no control who serves a master intent on punishing me if I do not carry out his orders? Orders that are supposedly pre destined for me to perform anyway?
I wonder if a creator god truly exists or did mankind himself create qualities to describe an entity that he himself felt inferior to. This world has become the great paradox.. a cosmic joke with god being the comedian...

Wars have been fought in the name of religion and god.. Countless humans slain all in the name of upholding who/what man considers to be god. The god that many worship is the reflection of the humans he created... A jealous person capable of destruction but also capable of creation. We call ourselves human yet we're limited to this state of existence we call the physical plane unable to transcend space and time to understand that which we call god or a state of spiritual transcendence.

I do not have the answers but I learned that what doesn't makes sense should be re-examined. If it becomes that we hurt, harm, or destroy others in the name of god......then we're leading ourselves further from the truth....

''You must unlearn what you have learned.''- Yoda

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Is it a mystery at all this thing called love?

I've learned that love has no opposites..

Love isn't loving someone one moment and hating them the next. In order for a relationship to be harmonious, both parties would have to destroy their egos. All attachments to the ego would have to cease but what does it mean to love without attachment?
Are we able to love with the understanding that this isn't forever?
We don't always know the nature of others and their purpose of coming into our lives..
We can only appreciate and nurture one another while we're here...I know nothing last forever but at least while we're here you can do great things together..
If I met someone wonderful, is it a bad thing that this person makes me happy when happiness is based on external conditions that inevitably will change? What if it's joy that I feel...?
I'm still learning what love is as well as what love isn't..
It isn't jealousy, conflict, or strife.. It isn't dillusion...but love is harmony.. Love is positive energy emanating from both parties involved...love is gratitude for the person you love,their flaws as well as their strengths.
A person's strengths will bring you light while a person's flaws will help strengthen you, for what you see in another as a flaw is something you should examine within yourself....

The more I learn about myself and love, the more interesting this journey called life becomes..........

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Yet It draws them in...
steadily soothing their minds with an array of lies,
destroying their self-esteem.......
causing them to seek happiness through the accumulation of material things
and broken dreams......

Now everyone wants to become what they see on television.....
Now companies get rich and life becomes a bitch because we're all just racing to become a part of it......


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Master Or The Slave

Bound to a state of ignorance without the slightest clue of emancipation.
A puppet, no different from a slave.
No freedom in free will if it leads to a grave.
The path you pave contains no one who saves
when the enemy is selfand within it is rage.
They all hold the answers.
They all contain truths.
None greater than the other.
One's experience is proof.
The mind is the master, but who masters the mind?
Who understands existence beyond space and time?
Buddha nature or the nature of sin.
Born as a human but born what, within?

-Sage Phenix