Monday, January 5, 2009

The Perfect Imperfection

The perfect imperfection

The media has implanted misconceptions in our head about what "beauty" is. Despite us all being imperfect in some way, some of us tend to look down on ourselves because we don't fit the description of what society deems beautiful.
We seem to be most impressed with what's on the outside overlooking the fact that on the inside is who we really are. We are all one in the same which means that when you strip away any outer physical appearance or shell, you get the bare us....the true us.

The soul.

We are made of energy. The energy that makes up the vast universe. The energy that originates from a higher energy source (God). This is what’s meant by we are the same. I know that it can take time to overturn the abuse and pain we’ve done to ourselves (I know, I struggle with these things as well) but everyday should be a day where you look yourself in the mirror and smile because you are in fact a beautiful creation and whether you like or dislike certain things about your physical self, you must realize that it’s only a shell, whose purpose is to shelter the very essence of who you are……

Some call it the soul
Others call it the Psyche.....

I call it you, and there's nothing else like it.

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