Friday, March 5, 2010

In search of......who we are

My theory is that somethings are unknown to mankind because we're limited to the 5 sense reality. What we see, touch, taste, smell, and hear is how we define our reality, what's real and what isnt. So many many limitations BUT IS LIFE REALLY A MYSTERY? ARE WE REALLY LIMITED?

Some search for the truth externally yet never find answers. coincidence? maybe? maybe not.

We use a small percentage of our brain compacity(10%). What could we possibly do if we inherited 100% at birth? What lies ahead for humans once we discover and unlock our full potential? The possibilities are limitless!!

Scientist have only 3% knowledge of DNA, the other 97% has been written off as "junk" DNA. Does the fact that because we dont know its use mean that we should classify it as "JUNK''? Uncovering this could be an evolutionary breakthrough! Who are we? What are we truly capable of?

It is the mysteries that amaze me more, which leaves me adamant on unlocking my full potential as a spiritual being on this here physical journey..

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