Monday, December 22, 2008

Heartbreak Chronicles Part 4: The Killer

If there's no hope just straight tell me..
Kill me now without any regard for our friendship
Maybe I need to die again to realize again...the mistake I've made

How could I give u the power to put a bullet to my head... for without you I am better off dead.

End my misery by telling me its over. Who knows if I'll survive the shot..
I've bled before but not like this.....
Would have pulled the trigger myself but I've realize that alive you've brought me bliss.
Now you hold the decision to pull the trigger...
This isn't Russian roulette
But the 6 chamber pistol of regret...
And as I sweat not only tears, the fear is not in dying but lying here crying

knowing that the one who was suppose to love me is now the one to murder me..............

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