Friday, December 19, 2008

The Simplest Necessity........Becomes

Where did the love go?

And why didn’t it stay?

What are we chasing that’s real compared to what we’re chasing away?

It seems that our hearts have become resistant to the one true thing that’s vital to our growth. The simplest necessity becomes the most complex luxury that very few benefit from obtaining and keeping for long. Its seems that love started off as the most tranquil desire only to end up becoming the most painful affliction. So what is it that allows us to fall into a deep state of bliss and then in an instant change how we feel because of fear. The fear based upon the assumption that the love we gain will someday be lost…..traumatically….again…..

Yet we don’t know……

We allow ourselves to suffer thinking about what isn’t there instead of what’s here today, very much alive and in our face…..

I can’t make you change your mind if its already been made and I can no longer overexert myself on proving what’s real.

Time will tell.

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