Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Gift

We hear it all the time so I'll say it again

Life is a precious gift...the one thing that's temporal but also unappreciated the same. I'm discovering everyday that some things that we put emphasis and importance on really don't matter..Do you wonder what you would do if you knew you only had one day to live? Could you accomplish all you wanted to do in one day if that was all you had? What about a week? A Month? 6 months? A year? The fact is we don't know and because we don't know, we must make the most of everyday while we are here.

When you hear people say to live everyday like its your last, some people adhere to it while with others it goes in one ear and out the other but the reality is tomorrow's not promised for anyone and you wouldn't want your final days to be those of regret now would you? Of course not! So if this be the case why continue to work at that lousy job you hate, endure unnecessary stress and headaches, stay in an abusive relationship, or worry about things or people who don't benefit you. I can go on forever but the basis of what I'm saying is that
We should seize every opportunity that gives us fulfillment, brings us happiness, and makes us smile. We should never procrastinate or feel like we have plenty of time left to make things right, to get ourselves together, to seek fulfillment, and most important of all, to be happy.. The perfect time for these things is not tomorrow..... but now. Right now! We must be aware of the moment of now and embrace it because this may be..... the last moment we have.......
to right the wrongs,
to tell someone you love them,
to fulfill all that you desire....

"Life is precious through the eyes of those who see that the end of it is near"

I dedicate this post to my cousin Debbie.... may you truly be at peace in a much better place.........

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