Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Adversity builds character…………I never understood that til I had a conversation with a dear friend of mine about the challenges of everyday life. Some days are truly rough and you begin to ask yourself, "will it ever get better?" You hear all the time people telling you to hang in there and that the small situations do not justify the "big" picture. But what is in fact, the big picture? In the grand scheme of things, how is the constant wave of un necessary stress and aggravation from others justified. It’s like a bully that keeps torturing you, eating away at what little peace you have until there’s nothing left… You begin to feel one of two ways. You either feel like giving up allowing it or you fight back to reclaim what has been taken from you. Sometimes you have to show people that you’re not to be f*cked with…

Some people don’t want to see you happy, more so because they’re unhappy with themselves. Misery sure do loves company. Sometimes I ask myself if what I’m going thru now in my life is preparation for something bigger. Maybe it is. Who knows what the future beholds. I know that am strong and I can overcome this. I will admit it does at times seem overwhelming but I feel in my heart that I will overcome this. The reality is people are going to be and probably remain the way they are whether its unjust or unfair. I just realize that I have to remove myself from these situations and/or people that provide confusion and chaos because honestly a peace of mind is a wonderful thing and mine is not to be f*cked with.

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