Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Inspiration of a Rockstar

It's seems people have yet to understand what a true rockstar is..........While people make it a trend to be like a rockstar, the ones that are emulated make it a lifestyle. Its what they identify with; that ability to express themselves as rebels to rules and order, categorized as misfits but simply Ministers who preach the gospel of Rock and Roll.

A rockstar is more than a coke snorting, skinny jean wearing renegade who does whatever they want whenever they want....


It's more to it than that although that's a description of some but a rockstar is simply about being oneself and being comfortable in one's own skin. It's about the energy of a million fans chanting your songs sourrounded by a mosh pit of renegade followers who go insane the moment they hear the riff of an electric guitar screaming through the speakers.

A rock star is simply about being...never about impressing.

People never understood the fitted screen tees on 80's rockers or the skinny denim pressed against the pencil frame of your favorite indie frontman. It was simply cool to be a rockstar, not because they were different, but because they never gave a damn what anyone thought and although many of them were misunderstood, the music they created made sure the message was comprehended: That they were the baddest muthaf*ckers on earth.

"You will never really understand the muthaf*cking Rockstar I am"

Sage Phenix-Misunderstood

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