Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Idiot's Idiom

A language spoken by many yet understood by few
Senseless nonsense from “robots” without a conscience
Devious smiles and those that pose to be harmless.

Deceitfulness is comedy
For I laugh at the motive of those who instill harm on me

Hostile environments created by those without a higher sense
Overlabored and Underfavored
We now see where their “desire” went

For they’ve digressed.
From feeling that progress
Was to stab one another in the back

From what I see….

Integrity took a vacation and never came back.
But what truly remains a fact is that

What’s given will surely come back

The universal law, you can’t run from that
The universal law, you can’t run from that……

Lauryn Hill-Forgive Them Father

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