Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mental Breakdown: The Chaos behind Conformity

It's the same old bullshit and the same old folklore. Something has to give. Chaos and disorder……who made these rules? While I won’t make excuses or complain about the ways of this world…. I realize that something just isn’t right with it…..well its nothing wrong with the world per say but rather the unjust thinking and philosophies of mankind that creates endless conflict and suffering within it.

Does anyone truly observe what is happening anymore…… it seems like everything has become a “game”. Sometimes I wish I can remove myself completely from this “system” of the way things are. Maybe I’m a bit of an idealist here or some may say that my thinking is unrealistic or illogical but what is it about my thinking that makes it anymore different from the world’s thinking other than the fact that my thinking promotes freedom and the awareness of one’s true self, not the artificial one created by labels, luxury badges, and monetary spending.

A Net worth is how we’re valued in this society but are we not valuable BEFORE the obtainment of monetary wealth?

Sure I have more of a laid back approach to life and yes I do feel that I’m still a victim, slave or puppet to many things as well but what better time than now for you and I to free ourselves:

1.) To free ourselves from being victims of our own as well other people’s destructive thinking.
2.) To free ourselves from a system that use and exploit people for its own benefit
3.) To free ourselves from conformity for in the words of the late John F. Kennedy, “Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth.’’

Whether voluntary or not, we as people have given up our peace, our identity, our happiness, and our joy in exchange for frustration, sadness, and pain.

…This is the slavery that I am talking about. The bondage or obligation to someone or something that does us more harm than good. The jobs that we despise and hate waking up every morning to go to, the creditors and bill collectors that we’ve sold our souls to, and the corporations and finance companies that we’ve given our last dollars to in exchange for products and services that we really don’t need nor want for long because the desire for it fades as something new and exciting is bound to replace it.

Ah! And did I mention the status quo lifestyle of keeping up with the joneses to impress others as well as gain their approval. I can go on and on and yes, people are very much aware of all the bullsh*t and folklore this world contains but what’s really being done about it? It’s like we’ve given up and just conformed because a lot of us feel like its easier being someone else instead of ourselves.

We must break free.

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