Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sage x Punk

Hip Hop is in a state of Emergency. Artists are no longer passionate, creative, or stimulating. It's a new day, a new era, but not a spec of new inspiration. But....
all is not lost within the stale realm of "hip hip". Artists are emerging once again. Creativity is coming back.Did these things really leave? Maybe we failed to take notice to the host of artists out there that actually have something to say. Artist who all along were the ones we were searching for. Yes Hip Hop, as least one aspect of it has become a redundant comedy show but in no way,shape, or form is it dead. Some say it's missing; others tend to think it's alive and well, a living and breathing force that's found in all of us. A reflection of the people. Some of us dance, some of us snap, some of us socially conscience, some of us socially ignorant but regardless of who we are individually, the fact remains that we are all the same........and despite our differences or whatever state you may think hip hop is in, I still love it.. Hell I always will. This is my comedic take on the state of hip hop.

Sage Punk

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